Do you get a serious case of writer’s block every time you need to update your resume? After some successful procrastination, perhaps you finally muster the energy to locate the last version of the document. Perhaps it’s also woefully out of date.

You open the resume and then it hits you – writer’s block. It’s like you’re back in college attempting to write a major term paper for a subject you have no interest in. It’s how a writer must feel when the blank pages of their future novel stare back at them and they can’t think of a darn thing to write.

In resume writing, the first step is always the hardest – just getting the words on the page. What information should you include? How should you phrase it? How much information is too much? Can you even remember all that you did? It’s daunting. Perhaps you think now is a good time to organize your sock drawer or clean out the fridge…

Just bite the bullet and update that resume! And here’s how to un-jam your writer’s block:

  1. Commit to 30 minutes of focused, uninterrupted editing time. That’s not so terrible. You can endure anything for 30 minutes, right?
  2. Let the words flow. Simply jot down everything that comes to mind about your responsibilities and accomplishments in your most recent position(s). Do not sensor yourself at this point in the process. Write down everything that comes to mind and let the words flow from your fingertips onto the page! Also don’t worry about spelling, grammar or making your words look pretty. You’ll edit them later.
  3. Save your changes. In fact save often or after every few sentences. Microsoft Word has an auto-save feature, but why chance losing any edits? Ctrl+S.
  4. Stop.

Voila! You’ve just completed the toughest part of the resume update process – you got the words from your head onto the page. Doesn’t that feel good?

At a later time go back and revise your edits, with a focus on spelling, grammar and readability. This is a much easier step in the process now that you’ve got the words on the page. Oh and once you’re all finished you can organize that sock drawer.