You’ve finally had it with your current job!  Maybe you were passed up for a promotion or a pay raise. Maybe you don’t feel appreciated or your colleagues are driving you nuts.  Whatever the reason†, you decide it’s time to leave and you want outta there ASAP.  You start sending out resumes by the dozen, applying to everything you’re qualified for and even some positions you’re not.

Wait!  Don’t rush too quickly out of that miserable job.

Be careful and be discerning about any job offer you accept.  Make sure it’s a good one for your career and not simply something that gets you out of your current employment situation.

If you settle and accept an offer for a position that wasn’t ideal you may feel the need to run from that position, too.  Adding insult to injury, you then risk being labeled as a “job jumper” by prospective employers.

Employers look not only at what you’ve done, but also at how long you tend to stay in positions you’ve held.  To avoid being branded as a job jumper you may have no choice but to grin and bear it…which could mean staying in a bad job for a year or two in order to show stability on your resume.

Bottom line.  Don’t run from a bad job.  Run to the right one.

If you feel you’re facing any kind of harassment or unsafe work conditions, talk to your HR Representative.