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The recent NYTimes article revealed that Amazon is a sweatshop.  The article pried into Amazon’s secretive culture and revealed long hours, cut-throat internal competition, “Purposeful Darwinism” and even employees openly crying at their desk.

But wait, before we start feeling badly for the overworked Amazonians, let’s acknowledge that many go there with their eyes wide open.  They know they may have to endure tough conditions, but many happily accept the offer of employment to work at the industry juggernaut because of the positive effect on their long-term career.

Quite simply, having Amazon on a resume will open employment doors for that person in the future. Amazon hires the best and the brightest.  Recruiters and hiring managers at other companies know this and are inclined to give a candidate with Amazon experience a second look, including Facebook which opened a large Seattle office in the last few years.

It’s like a medical resident forced to endure ridiculously long hours and tough conditions in their residency.  They know it’s going to suck, but they’ll learn a ton and in the end they’ll be full-fledged doctors.

So instead of feeling sorry for Amazonians who can’t or don’t want to cut it there, remember that they’ll do just fine in life after Amazon.