Take stock and set career goals for the upcoming year

It’s that time of year to take stock in your life and set resolutions for the upcoming year. While you’re making those personal resolutions, don’t forget to set some career ones as well.

Objectively evaluate

Did you accomplish all you wanted this year? Do you like what you’re doing? Does your current position put you on a path to achieve your longer-term career goals? Evaluate your current situation and think objectively about where you are and where you’d like to go. Then, set specific goals for the upcoming year to help you get there.

Take a peek at new career opportunities

If you’re even a little intrigued about other opportunities or wonder about your worth in the job market, then take a peek. There’s no harm in talking to another company about a position they have that may be in line with your career goals. And if you’re afraid of a change, don’t be. The hiring process moves slowly, which gives you plenty of time to find out if the new opportunity is better than your current situation.


Reconnect with former colleagues

Many people aren’t good at networking because they feel they don’t have the time for it. I get it – you’re really busy and networking doesn’t pay immediate dividends. However, with social media apps like LinkedIn or Facebook it’s easy to send a quick note to a former colleague, ask them how they’re doing and give an update on what’s happening in your life and career.

Networking is important since, despite modern job boards, many people still find positions based on who they know. When the time comes, people you know can put your resume in front of a hiring manager and you can do the same for them.

Set a realistic goal of reaching out to one former colleague each month. By the end of next year, you’ll have reconnected with 12 people.

Work-life balance

Are your work life and personal life coexisting peacefully? Or are you spending too much time at work and that in turn, is affecting your personal life? To be most effective at work and sustain that effectiveness over time, you need a balance. Are you taking time to decompress away from the office?

Set personal goals for outside activities, like time at the gym or time with friends or family – and try to stick to it. A refreshed and personally-fulfilled you is a better you at work, too. And BTW, spending more time on Facebook is not quality time, IMO.


Find a mentor – Become a mentor

Find a mentor. This is someone who’s further in their career and could offer you advice and guidance as you navigate your own career path.

Perhaps better than having a mentor is being a mentor. As a mentor, you’ll be a trusted confidant to someone who can benefit from your advice and experience. Is there anything more selfless, and therefore gratifying, than helping someone in their own career?

Happy New Year and good luck with those resolutions!

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